Exhausted Writer Seeks Energy and Time Machine

I have projects. That could actually be my slogan. I’ve finished the finals on two more classes, leaving only two condensed courses from here through the middle of May until I graduate. I’m so tired. I can’t say this is as tired as I’ve ever been, because well, having a toddler with the flu and a brand new baby while having a pulmonary embolism made me pretty tired. Nothing will ever compare to that. But I am tired. And a bit burned out. Either way, I’ve got stuff to do, because I can’t stop for a moment without having yet another project beginning.

I’ve signed up to do CampNaNoWriMo with some tumblr friends to give me some focus on working on a novel I’m toying with. I haven’t looked at the one I started last January since around April of last year so I might pick that up just to look it over. It was the first chapter of that novel that was reworked into a short story and was published in the Warriors Arts Alliance Proud To Be: Writing American Warriors anthology. I’m trying to decide what to write to submit to them within the next month, and have at least one other writing contest I’m looking to enter. By the time all this finishes, I’ll have graduated with my Associate of Arts degree and am taking the summer off to write. I have a poetry chapbook I’m working on, and all my other stories that are laying around. ¬†At least I have tons of characters to keep me company on lonely nights.

For fun I’m starting a multi-fandom Etsy shop called EndVerseCreations with metal stamped jewelry, mugs, leather bracelets, etc. Because no matter how much I have going on with school and writing and cub scouts and coach pitch and swim lessons, take the boys fishing, paint, scrimshaw, working toward a physical fitness goal, trying to keep up a YouTube page and running a ton of blogs (my mental health one growing substantially and I forgot I promised to try to write a book for them this summer), there’s never enough for me to do. Although I do really want to take some time, maybe this weekend, to read The Maze Runner.

But first, now that finals are over and classes don’t start until…Monday (today is Friday for those playing at home), ZONK.

One comment

  1. “I’m so tired, I haven’t slept a wink.”

    – Lennon

    I remember those University days quite well.

    Here’s a tip: simply hint to your professor(s) that you MAY be on the verge of suicide due to your workload and stress level. Don’t say it like you mean it, though! God! Also, suicide is NEVER an out.

    No, say it with a laugh, as though it’s something you’d like to do, but could never go through with.

    “Ughh, this WORK! Don’t you sometimes want to run a warm bath, step into its warm, womb-like embrace, and then open your wrists up to you feel yourself float away on a big, fluffy cloud? Wouldn’t that be amazing!? Ha ha! Just kidding!”

    Professor: :o “Ashley, why don’t you uh, take another week with that paper I assigned. You know what, take as long as you want. Really.”

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