Warm Bodies: Book Review (and then some gushing) and Movie Comparison

I was fairly certain I would enjoy this book. I knew I’d at least like it. Following Isaac Marion on twitter and then finally getting to watch the movie adaptation of the novel led me to believe this was my kind of writer and my kind of story. I was only two pages in before all doubts were thrown out the window.
In Warm Bodies, Marion gives a story we haven’t read before and didn’t know we needed. His voice as a writer is entertaining and thought-provoking, allowing you to laugh while you ponder the state of the world. With interesting characters, descriptive narrative, and believable dialogue, Isaac Marion has written a truly enjoyable book, an intelligent and poetically satirical view of our sometimes inhumane humanity. 
It’s safe to say I love this book; and if Isaac can churn out more novels with his ingenuity and engaging storytelling, I’ll be a reader for life.

[Now comes the gushing]

GUYS. Guys. Seriously. Stop what you are doing and read this book. It’s the perfect time for it, because it’s now. I rarely will rate a book five stars on goodreads because it just seems unfair to all the amazing books I haven’t read that might actually be a five-star book and I just don’t know it yet. And who am I to call a book perfect?

But in all seriousness, Isaac’s voice and narrative has bumped him to #2 of my favorite writer’s list. The story is fun and contemplative, with commentary and soulful humanity of both the poetic and the real world cursing-like-a-sailor type. It’s a dynamic blend, and thoroughly enjoyable.

As for a movie comparison, this is by far my favorite novel-to-movie adaptation (I think; my mind is drunk on the book still having just finished it, so I might be biased). I really loved the movie. Nicholas Hoult’s voice over narrations were fun, and the cast gave brilliant comedic performances – Rob Cordry was hysterical. Where the movie could have veered into a ridiculous zombie-love story and lost Isaac’s message along the way, I believe they did a fantastic job keeping his overall storyline intact, producing a great adaptation that can be equally as loved as the novel and unspoiled for the readers.



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