Role Model

For Psychology class, we had to write about a role model. I was trying to think of one, especially someone who has impacted me recently. As I went over people in my life, I realized there was one out there on the internet that had impacted me more than anyone I personally knew for her bravery, positivity, and honest humanity.

So Debbie, this is for you:


“Within the past year, I’ve found a role model in a blogger named Debbie who speaks out about Borderline Personality Disorder. She posts about her experiences, people’s perceptions, specific events, living with the disorder, and treatments to get better. Debbie grew a following not only on her blog, but also on twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, where Healing from BPD has taken off as a positive  outlet and inspiration for people with the disorder. I’ve followed her for about a year, and have been able to take how she deals with her disorder and alter her therapy ideas to apply them to my life. Thanks to her, I (along with I’m sure a multitude of others) have been using Dialectical Behavioral Therapy practices to deal with anxiety and emotional upsets, reading her posts with a feeling of being understood, and feeding off her positivity. I’d been flailing in my attempts at dealing with my disorder for probably more than fifteen years (most of it undiagnosed or misdiagnosed), but in just the last year and a half, I’ve been working very hard and have changed just about everything in my life, especially how I am able to handle things. At the end of last month, I was placed into “recovery” from Borderline Personality Disorder (having it removed as my primary diagnosis as I no longer met the five of the nine criteria required for diagnosis) – a few weeks after Debbie was also placed in “recovery.”  She’s led me to be outspoken about my own struggles to help others with the disorder, and inform those who have preconceived notions about the disorder or place stigma on those with mental illness.
Thanks to Debbie, I was able to learn by observational process how you can live with the disorder and sub-diagnoses in a positive way and not let it define you. If I can help someone else with BPD to know they aren’t alone, give those with anxiety and panic attacks tips on how to handle situations, or just give people hope, then I feel as if I’m doing my job in passing along the positivity that she has given me.”
Thanks, lady. Hoping to spread positivity my own way and keep moving forward through the hard days, letting myself enjoy the good ones.


  1. Ashley,

    Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to write and share this. Your words mean so much to me, and I am beyond honored that you chose me as your role model subject for your school project. Beyond that, I am proud to walk in recovery with you.

    Huge hugs and love!


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